Meet Katherine de Boda

Katherine de Boda

Katherine de Boda

Katherine's Philosophy

I get energized to connect with people who are feeling lost with their health, with their lack of “life”. I want for everyone what I want for myself - full potential of health and happiness.

And I make a difference.

It’s my job to make a difference.


Katherine de Boda is an experienced yoga practitioner and  versatile body movement specialist. Influenced by her grandmother, a yoga practitioner and meditator, she learned that the form is like an infinite pathway of discovery: one doorway leads to another and transformation is endless. 

For the past twenty years she has been on a spiritual journey around the world from India and Nepal to Thailand, the Philippines and Costa Rica, including teachings with the Dalai Lama and other world class practitioners. 

Katherine leads one on one sessions (as yoga was originally taught), and small, intimate group classes, weaving teachings from different yoga lineages and movement such as Pilates, dance and martial arts, tailoring practices for students to strengthen their weaknesses and regain balance in all areas of life. 

She creates a solid plan, unique to each individual and promises results of increased strength, mobility, deep rest, and overall equanimity in a peaceful and encouraging environment.

Learning with Katherine will help you:

  • Resolve physical issues
  • Lose weight
  • Regain youthful energy
  • Gain mobility
  • Strengthen muscle and bone

Yoga allows people independence; freedom from reliance on other modalities such as chiropractors, pharmaceuticals and doctors. 


Many of her students are 45+ years old, have a range of ailments or issues, and want to map out their own dedicated self care time with support and a space to connect spiritually. 

Katherine is a compassionate and nurturing instructor, who believes healing anything is possible with the correct knowledge and dedication. You may always have a chronic issue or injury, but you can work with it and keep yourself in equity. You can begin this process at any age or ability. Katherine has seen people who couldn't move for months do intermediate to advanced yoga practices. It's like sculpting a block of ice and watching a beautiful shape emerge - the true potential of the individual. 

Katherine has long had a sacred image in her head - an aspiration to be like the older yogis she has met throughout her life. They are healthy, aligned, and with an incredible prowess that only increases with 'old age' and disciplined practice. She wanted that for her own life, and loves helping others obtain it too.