Bachelorette Yoga


Planning your Bachelorette party for Scottsdale, AZ? 

From beautiful Airbnbs (poolside yoga!), to delicious dining options and a vibrant nightlife - not to mention glorious sunshine all the time - to being only  only 15 mins from the airport, it's no wonder Scottsdale is becoming the hottest destination for Bachelorette Parties. 

The New York Times has dubbed downtown Scottsdale "a desert version of Miami's South Beach."


Enjoy a Bachelorette yoga class as a healthy addition to your weekend festivities. 

These Bachelorette Yoga classes are a healthy choice for your girls weekend getaway, and will be tailored to the needs and desires of the group.

Below are two possible options. 


Bachelorette Bliss ~ Vinyasa Flow - before the night out, enjoy this creative full body movement sequence designed to boost your metabolism and immune system, calm the mind, and leave you feeling blissful.

Bachelorette Hangover Helper ~ Gentle Yin - the morning after, detox with this gentle practice to get you back to feeling fresh as a daisy again. These gentle, restorative, cooling poses will nurture your system by removing wastes from your body and increasing circulation.

You'll be surprised what a little yoga and hydration can do!


  • Yoga mat and accessories rental for up to 10 people. (For 10 + a small rental charge will apply.)

  • 1-hour yoga class.

  • Pictures


IV Nutrient Infusions

Nutrient IV Infusions. Give your body a boost!

Nutrient IV Infusions. Give your body a boost!

Ensure you and your group are in top form for your special weekend. Nutrient Infusions target and fortify your system with vital vitamins and minerals that can help boost, enhance, and replenish the nutrients your body needs. These IV infusions are administered on-site by a naturopathic medical doctor.

The Energizer

Feeling sluggish and need a boost of energy? This infusion is loaded with B vitamins to put that pep back in your step so you can be in top form for your girls getaway weekend. 

The Hangover Helper

This one is for after a night of partying.  Replenish with a generous infusion of magnesium, calcium, selenium and zinc. Feel like yourself again when you catch your flight home the next day. 

B-12 Shot

This is an intramuscular injection that takes seconds. B-12 boosts are proven to:

  • Stimulate your metabolism and increase energy to fight fatigue.

  • Balance your mood by naturally encouraging the production of dopamine and serotonin in the brain.

  • Increase energy levels by helping your body create healthy red blood cells.

Contact us here for prices.

Lorna Jane Trunk Show!

Lorna Jane Bachelorette Yoga Trunk Show!

Lorna Jane Bachelorette Yoga Trunk Show!

Add some shopping to your weekend!

No extra cost. No obligation to buy anything.

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Bachelorette Yoga Scottsdale, AZ.

Bachelorette Yoga Scottsdale, AZ.

Bachelorette Yoga, Scottsdale, AZ.

Bachelorette Yoga, Scottsdale, AZ.

Bachelorette Yoga.

Bachelorette Yoga.

Happy, healthy ladies.

Happy, healthy ladies.